MAY 7th: MAY DAY PARADE!!! We start at 11:30

Southside Battletrain departs from Bloomington Ave and 28th St (The Grease Pit Bike Shop) at 11:30 am on Sunday, May 7th 2017 for the MAY DAY PARADE!!!!!!

If you are involved in the parade safety meetings are as follows:

Wednesday May 3 at 7pm (3100 Portland)

Saturday May 6 at 3pm (3100 Portland)

Sunday May 7 at 10am (grease pit)

Can't wait to celebrate spring with all our neighbors! Be there or be squaaaare.

MOVE the Craneship/Southside Schooner

Moving the Monstrous Southside Schooner Crane from Frightprops in NE guessed it: 3100 Portland Ave.

Please come (with all your friends) drive/bike/ride with it to keep everyone and everything safe! Meet at 11am SATURDAY April 1st, 2017 at Frightprops in NE Minneapolis. Call 609-649-2595 with questions THANKS!


Afterwards, at 6pm please come enjoy the Grilldozer at the Pinwheel Arts 'Fools Day Show' in Seward!!!!