Pita Fundraiser April 14th

Got that spring hunger? I know it! 

YOU can feed that hunger and support awesome public art. 

At the 3rd Annual

Southside Battletrain Pita Sandwich Fundraiser!

April 14, 6-9pm 3205 Portland Ave S

Ben and I cook up some delish sandwiches to eat on our patio or take with you $10 with a drink

ALL the money will purchase local goat and lamb and (not local) chickens that will be cooked on our human powered train and served free to the community at the park.

Eat a sandwich at the fundraiser, feed a stranger on May Day! We need to sell 90 sammies to cover the parade's FOOD cost. Our overall budget is around $7,000.

Each $10 counts, this way you get a yummy sandwich all made from scratch. Come by and  to start off your weekend right! It is a cheap date!